What to Expect for your First Class

We’re already pumped that you’re thinking of joining the CrossFit OTS3 community.

So you feel prepared on your first visit, check out some of these tips:

Pre-registration is required, if possible, give us a heads up before dropping in for the first time (Call, text email).

Arrive 15 minutes early. This way you can settle in and check in with your coach before class.

Come with an open mind and willing attitude! Firsts are always nerve-wracking, but our coaches are ready to give you a warm welcome and address any concerns.

Still have questions?

Email us or give us a call.




A few secret weapons to help you pull off that first class:

Water Bottle – Drink up before, during and after class!

Shoes – Wear gym shoes that are well-fitting and supportive.

Comfortable Workout Gear – Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, as long as you can move!

Can-Do Attitude – Be prepared to start crushing your goals!