Battle of the Barbells April 29th, 2017 Competition

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Battle of the Barbells

This will be a Team Competition with 6 divisions.

RX Men

RX Women

Scaled Men

Scaled Women

Masters Men 35+

Masters Women 35+

Our Masters division will not be like others you may have been to. Our Masters Division for the 35+ will be similar in to the RX division in weights and movements.

Cash purse for the RX and Masters 35+ division.

3 WODs guaranteed. Top 5 teams make it to the finals.

Entrance fee gets you a limited edition event T-shirt if you register by April 16th.

What division should you sign up for?

RX and Masters: You must be able to do ALL CrossFit benchmark workouts less ring muscle ups (Fran, Grace, Isabel, and Big Sexy) without scaling or modifications. However, please note that no Ring Muscle Ups will be in this event, and Masters will not be required to perform Bar Muscle-ups.

Scaled - You have to scale the main site WODs

Social Media: Please feel free to upload your pics using the hashtags#crossfitots3

(There will be NO refunds)


WOD 1-  "Randy Likes to Jump" for time

7 minute time cap

1 works 1 rests
Reps can be split anyway, but snatches must be fully completed before moving on to box jump overs

75 Snatches
75 Box Jump Overs

RX and Masters 35+ 75/45 lbs.
Scaled 65/35 lbs.

Movement Standards
Snatch(see link: Snatch Standards Video)

Box Jump Over Standards:
Athlete must jump with both feet leaving the ground at the same time and land on the box or clear box completely. If jumping all the way over, athlete's feet must follow a path over the box, as opposed to around it.
Rep is complete once both of the athlete's feet land on the other side of the box.
Athletes can step down or jump down.
RX Must Jump onto the box.
Masters 35+ and Scaled divisions can do step-ups.
Athletes do not need to fully open their hips while on top of the box.

Your score is time to complete.
If the WOD is not finished in the allotted time.  1 second will be added to the total for each rep not completed


WOD 2- "Dead Run"

AMRAP 8 minutes
Relay style -- one works, one rests; each athlete completes one round before the next athlete can start their round.

8 Burpee Plate Hops
8 Deadlifts
100M Plate Run

RX and Masters 35+: Deadlift 225/135 lbs. 45 lb. plate for the burpees and plate run for the Men. 35 lb. Plate for the Women
Scaled: 155 / 95 lbs 35 lb. plate for the men, 25 lb. Plate for the Women.

WOD Standards
Burpee Plate Hops: Athlete1 starts the rep in a full upright position, knees & hips open. Athlete1 will descend to floor & chest must touch the ground. Athlete1 then comes off the floor and jumps onto the plate and fully opens the hips. That is when a rep will be completed.

Deadlift: The bar starts on the floor with hands outside of the knees.   A Rep is complete when athlete stands tall with knees locked out, hips fully open at the top, and shoulders behind the bar.
Once Athlete 1 completes 8 deficit deadlifts, he/she will then pick up the plate and run 100M carrying the plate. The round is complete when the athlete returns to his/her deadlift station and hands the plate off to their partner. Athlete 2 will then set the plate down on the floor in the designated spot to start their round.

Score is total reps completed.


WOD 3- "Clean Heavy and Squat Deep"

Team Combined Max Load Lifted in 8 minutes

1 Clean

3 Front Squats

Athlete 1 and Athlete 2 have 8 minutes to find a combined weight for the 2 movements. Each Athlete must complete 1 Clean and 3 Front Squats. Reps cannot be split up.

Movement Standards.
The Clean: The barbell begins on the ground. A muscle clean, power clean, squat clean or split clean may be used, as long as the barbell comes up to the shoulders, with the hips and knees fully extended with the feet in line and the elbows in front of the bar at the top. A SQUAT CLEAN DOES NOT COUNT AS PART OF YOUR 3 FRONT SQUATS.

The Front Squat: After the Clean is completed. The Front Squat starts with the barbell held in the front rack position.  At the top, the knees and hips must be completely open.
At the bottom, the crease of the hips must pass below the height of the kneecap. At the top, the knees and hips must be completely open with the barbell in control at the top.

Score is total combined Max Load Lifted of 1 Clean and 3 Front Squats by each athlete.