Coach Jeff

At the end of pain, is success? how much pain are you willing to endure?

I heard those words on the first day of boot camp and resonated throughout my life from that point. My name is Jeff Sprekelmeyer.  I played football and wrestled in High School and College.  I was a Personal Trainer at 24hr Fitness from 1997 to 1999.  My life changed on September 11th, 2001 as so many other lives did.  I joined the Marines, served in Iraq, came home and got a desk job.  I went from runnin? and gunnin? to sitting on my behind all day.  I went from 185lbs to over 255lbs in just over 6 years.

I tried it all, I started running, joined a local area boot camp, I even tried going back to 24hr Fitness with a friend? nothing was working.  A close friend of mine told me about ?HIIT? training.  Or High Intensity Interval Training, so to the Google I went to look for examples of HIIT style training, there was this thing called CrossFit.  To the YouTube? They did the Olympic movements? They let you drop the weight on the floor???  I called spoke with Jason about a time to come in and try this CrossFit stuff out.  My first on-ramp class had me exhausted, winded and laying on the floor.  I remember my next words to Jason? ?That sucked!  What time tomorrow?? I was hooked.

Since walking in the doors there at CrossfitOTS3, I have kept my weight down to 225lbs, and put on about a good solid 20-25lbs of muscle or more.  There are results here. There are people here that want you to meet your fitness goals, whatever they are.  Think of the last time you walked into your gym and someone was genuinely happy to see you there?  It?s absolutely amazing to me how un-personal, personal fitness has become.

That?s what I love about being apart of this team, and the people that I see at the box, day in and day out. I get to a point where the benefit is not just the workout; but also the people that I workout with? seeing their progress, being encouraged by them, being inspired by them. Can you say that about your gym?

Here at CrossfitOTS3 I teach the Olympic barbell classes. My focus is on correct Olympic style Weightlifting. There is no other style of weightlifting that is scientifically proven to increase strength and power; improve flexibility, other than Olympic Weightlifting.

Olympic Weightlifting is the single most effective (and backed by numerous scientific studies) way to build true strength and power. No you are not going to walk out one day like Arnold in his prime? Strength doesn?t necessarily mean size. Power doesn?t necessarily mean size. But I doubt that you are here because you wanted to have less strength, or lose power.

Jason and Cheri have done something unique here. I encourage you to come check it out.  Choose to be an inspiration to someone.  You never know whom you will inspire.

The burden of never trying is heavier than the barbell will ever be.

USAW Sports Performance Coach 2014

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer