Coach Carey

AKA "Sideswipe"

Strength. Courage. Speed. Intensity. A hero of epic proportion. Fantastic feats of tenacity! Unvelievably good looks! Wonderments abound!!! YES! You're probably thinking that's what you need to do CrossFit, right? Oh wait -- were you reading that and believing those traits belonged to me?? Bless you. And as much as I'm liking your fantasy world, let's return to reality. The traits I mentioned above are simply what I would use to describe what my imaginary super here would be like (or manifesting in the form of Ryan Reynolds).

So back to reality. And you. And me. But back to me, because after all, you're here to read about ME, right? How do I come into play? My background has always involved sports. Since elementary, I competed in every sport my little school offered. In college, I played softball and was on the swim team. When I got out into the real world, I ran but then got bored, surprisingly did a couple of half marathons, even a whole one, then moved on to triathlons, then adventure racing, even doing old school Okinawan Isshinryu karate for a long while. So I understand the compulsion to thrive in athletic endeavors. I found CrossFit in January 2010 and thought I'd give it a whirl. And I've been addicted ever since. I enjoy it so much, I try to get other people to do it too! Hence the natural progression to being a CF-Level 1 Coach (well, that, coupled with folks telling me I might be good at it). I figured, why not? So after three years of doing CrossFit, I decided to take the plunge and learn how to coach. I earned that title in April 2013. If my passion can help others, who am I to stand in the way of that?

Determination. Grit. Heart. The desire to better yourself. Those are traits I expect from you when you walk through the door. And from me? I'm simply here to push you to be the best YOU that you can be. And if you want to view that as a fantastic feat of tenacity or that I'm a hero[ine] of epic proportions --- I'll allow it! After all, it takes one to know one, right? Now, 3-2-1.....GO!

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 2013
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer​ 2012

USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach Certified 2014

USAW Level 2 Advaced Sports Performance Coach Certfied 2015