Consistency and Intensity
Those two things are key in being successful in not only CrossFit but in life
Let me start by saying that I was not an athlete in High School. I was that Geeky skinny kid who weighed maybe 130 pounds through Senior Year and had never seen the inside of a gym. I had always wanted to “tryout” for the football team but thought there was no way I could compete with all the jocks. In my early twenties I decided to take some initiative and ventured to the local Globo gym to try to put on some muscle and change myself. Not only did I have no clue as to what I was doing I was inconsistent and sporadic and to be honest hated every minute of it.  So that lasted a few months at best and I called it quits. In my late twenties I decided to give it another shot. I had done my research, had a workout plan, researched Nutrition and Supplements and was much more successful. I went on to get my ACE certification and started training other individuals with reasonable success.  In 2009 I found CrossFit and it changed the way I viewed fitness… At that time I was a personal trainer at a local Globo Gym and I ran across the CrossFit website while researching new ways to push my clients to meet their goals. I started looking through the daily WOD’s (Workouts of the day) and reading the user posts. I still recall reading through the posts and seeing how passionate those people were and how excited they were to work out each day. I can honestly say that none of my clients felt that way every time they came in for a session with me. So I decided that I wanted to see what all the hype was about and signed up for a free class at a local box. When I was through with that first WOD I knew I would never work out the same again….
CrossFit is the hardest thing I do every day and yet it is one of the most fulfilling. What’s more is that the community is right there with you. These are not just people you happen to casually say hi or bye to as you come or leave the box. These are people who sweat and bleed right next you; that push you beyond your limits and help you break through your preconceived expectations of yourself. They not only become friends but family.
If I can teach you one thing it’s this: Consistency and Intensity is key. It can be disheartening to walk into the gym and watch people smash workouts. Remember, they’ve been developing skills and strength for years, and with continuous, consistent effort. Chip away each day, push your intensity to the limits– you’ll be amazed how much you progress.

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

USAW Sports Performance Coach